How to save…

Just finished Michael Gates Gill’s book, “How to Save Your Own Life.  15 Lessons on Finding Hope in Unexpected Places”.

I did not read his first book, “How Starbucks Saved My Life”.  He seems to cover everything quite well in this one, so I don’t feel lost at all about what happened to him.  The book is an easy read, in style and language, and also that the sections are nice and small.  Generally.

Some chapters are very short, and there seems to be a lot more steam at the beginning of the book.  As I got past midway, he seems to get more wordy and even a touch off track at times.  The stories are good, and there are always lessons to pick up in any place in life, unexpected or not.

I feel there are a few places that I’ve highlighted that will be even more meaningful as I refer back to them later.  The depth of life’s lessons often deepen over time.

It is a good read.  May read the first one sometime later.